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We consistently are working to 

enhance the weekend services so that you can connect with God in a personal way; however, we believe that worship is much more than the Sunday morning worship service. We passionatly seek to please God's heart through our worship.


Cape Henry Church's prayer team is here to pray for the needs of the church body during our Sunday and Wednesday worship services. Ministering God’s love, compassion, healing and grace, our desire is to see people set free to walk in who God has designed them to be.


Cape Henry Kids strives to teach children to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. We have the opportunity to instill God’s Word in our children’s lives, layer God’s Truth, and build a foundation from a very young age.  



Creative Arts & Production makes each and every environment happen at Cape Henry Church. With roles ranging from lights and sound to camera and computer graphics, we are always looking for new talent to help create irresistible environments.


Cape Henry Youth strive to bring our youth into the knowledge of Christ. We endevor to have each youth grow into deeper relationships with Christ as well

as their peers.


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